Keith Cullen

In this media world one of the most important qualities to have is the helping others. Making new connections and getting your name out there is vital and I’m always more than happy to help others where I can. A good friend of mine Jennifer has always been so kind to me and opened a lot of doors for me. I was so happy when she asked me to feature her superstar brother Keith Cullen. The Dublin born singer/songwriter finished 2016 on a high as his debut single “Say Something” is making waves on the Billboard Charts in the USA. A dream of many, Keith is making his mark stateside and currently sitting at number 25 on the Billboard Charts.

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Best of the US Roadtrip!!!

Just a little update that I wanted to share with all of you today. Last time we chatted I had mentioned the rut I was experiencing and how it was impacting on me and my blog. After seriously thinking about what exactly I want to achieve this year I bit the bullet and finally ticked off one of my most important bucket list goals – travel. I had been researching various places (I worked out that I want travelling to be my chosen career!) and spoke to an amazing girl at Trailfinders who got to know me, my interests, my concerns (I’ve never travelled on a tour like this before) and what kind of experience is best suited for me.

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Its been a while …

You may remember that at the start of last summer I shared my experience of living with Chronic Anxiety (you can read it here). It took me quite some time to open up about it as I was feeling embarrassed. Eventually I built up the courage to talk about things and I sought help. Once I received my diagnosis I spent further time building myself back up and moving into a more positive place. After sharing everything with all of you I felt a huge sense of relief and gratitude as you were all so kind.

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Too Faced x Nikkie Tutorials- The Power of Makeup 

With the huge hype surrounding beauty guru Nikkie Tutorials and her collaboration with Too Faced it was only natural that I jumped on the band wagon. Now, I know there are people who don’t like associating themselves with YouTube/Blogger collaborations and that’s totally fine. However if I admire people for their artistry, hard work and determination then I will happily support them. 

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KIKO Store Launch, Belfast

Recently I was invited to attend the official opening of the amazing new KIKO store in Belfast City Centre. A breakfast/press launch was beautifully put together for a variety of media influencers throughout Belfast. I brought along a good friend of mine and it’s safe to say that we definitely indulged in a crazy makeup shopping spree! I have been a huge fan of the Italian brand for many years now and just a few week’s ago I was shopping up a storm in their Spanish stores. A few of the products that I wanted in Spain were out of stock but they finally became mine at the Belfast launch. The high pigmentation, impressive quality and eye catching price has left quite the impact on us all. 

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