Happy Friday!


Happy Friday to one and all! ūüôā

So today I’m going to start with my Friday Favourites. It’s basically anything I find interesting, inspiring, funny, stylish and memorable.

During my university days, I was introduced to a site called ‘Learn Something New Everyday’. It is such an interesting site, the posts are so funny, silly and lighthearted… perfect for a Friday!

Learn Something New Everyday:

Quote of The Week:
I like things to be modern and still have a bit of tradition – Alexander Mc Queen


This dress is just stunning! I love the layered look and the drama it adds to it and the plunging back line. The colour is so pretty and elegant. This dress would be perfect for a summer wedding in a shorter version with some high heels and sparkling clutch.



This week I am inspired with my favourite pretty detail‚Ķ Bows! I just love them, they are so cute and pretty and can add true style to anyone. I came across these images that let you see that bows can be created on anything from hair to eyelashes! I just love the cute little eyelashes, they remind me of a modern day Dorethy from The Wizard of Oz! I’m hoping to try this style on my nails so ill keep you posted.

If anyone has attempted it please feel free to let me know! Enjoy pretty ladies ūüôā

Pretty Bows

That’s my Friday Favourites for this week. I’m going to experiment with some funky nail styles today to match my Jason and Kylie tee! I’ll let you all know how it goes! Have a good weekend!


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