Stylish Storage

One thing you’ll learn about me is my love for jewellery. I have no problem in buying or wearing them. No my problem is that I have that much I’ve run out of storage. I’m a firm believer in displaying all of my jewels. Why spend some much money on these beautiful possessions to keep them lying in a box with no one able to see them?!

The best thing to do is to let them shimmer and sparkle in the daylight, this way you’ll always get the chance to wear them plus there is the added bonus of no annoying knots in the chains!

Hanging on your wardrobe

You can use anything to hang on necklaces on, this is can be fun and add some glamour to your boudoir.

Hanging on your bed post

Jewellery Tree:

Other ways to keep your jewellery organised is to buy a jewellery tree. Essentially, they’re designed to look like an Eiffel Tower or spindly tree or some other structure that has lots of little arms. I personally love the female body tree, usually the design of it is a 1920’s style that adds glamour to this simple storage solution. Give each necklace its own branch or prong, just to ensure that they don’t get tangled into each other. With the smaller prong’s, you can also hang some of your rings to add a little drama to the mix.

Jewellery Tree


Go to a craft or art shop and pick up some long pushpins. These are pretty to use as the ends of them come in different designs, the pearlized ones are so pretty. Stick them into your wall, they’re strong enough to hold your delicate chains.


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