Statement Necklaces

Big, bold and beautiful statement necklaces are the key piece’s for the summer. They are a super easy way to breathe new life into your closet. The beauty of this showstopper is that it does all of the work for you. Due to these necklaces being so bold it is best to keep your outfit simple as it will only clash and look over the top. Try wearing a bold or solid colour as this will help the design of your necklace pop. Avoid prints as they will look confused alongside the necklace.

When choosing a necklace to compliment your neckline I personally think it is best to go with the shape and curve. Another style I love is the strapless look, using either a jumpsuit or maxi dress. Remember when wearing your statement necklace it is best to keep the rest of your accessories to a minimum or non-existent!

I have a great collection, one I bought just yesterday is a beautiful piece from Accessorize. I love the design and colours use in it. And the length of it hangs perfectly on me.

My New Necklace

Here is an example of me wearing one of my statement necklaces with a black strapless jumpsuit. As my outfit was black I decided to go for a gold base colour with vibrant colours within the design. I loved how it looked and I felt glamorous wearing this simple style.

My necklace

You don’t always have to opt for necklaces with lots of colour throughout it. Sometimes the most simple necklaces can really make a difference. I came across these silver and gold necklaces that are just as fabulous as the multi-coloured statements.

Gold Statement
Silver Statement

I hope this post has helped you all to get a better understanding on how to wear your statement jewellery. Remember when wearing one, keep your outfit simple! Below you can have a look at some of my own statement necklaces. Hope you like them. Have fun.

Cleopatra Statement Necklace

Green Statement Necklace


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