A Great Bag

The bag, like the shoe, is a great place to have fun and play with colours, textures and shapes. But like a shoe, you should have at least one classic bag, a key piece, that will go with anything and anywhere!

A girl should have:

A tote or shoulder bag:

For daytime and carrying everywhere.

An everyday bag

A Clutch:

For nighttime, events, weddings etc. For carrying around almost nothing.

Tiny Floral Clutch

An Over-sized Clutch:

To create a statement. At least with a large clutch you can carry more than your gloss, key and money.

Green Snake Skin

The Ultimate Clutch:

I’ve just remembered that I have the most amazing clutch to show you. It’s a tiny gold bag that weights a ton! I love the orange satin colour on the base, both colours compliment each other so well allowing the entire bag to pop. It’s the ultimate statement clutch that will capture everyone’s attention, hope you like!


The Most Amazing Clutch!

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