Friday Favourites

Happy Friday everyone!

Here are some more of my Friday favourites, hope you like them!

Learn Something New Everyday:

Quote of The Week:

“All styles are good except the tiresome kind. ” – Voltaire


I have to say I know the shape of this dress is not the best (and no one could pull it off) but I just love it. For me, its the design and colour that I love, even though the shape is not the most desirable, I still find it inspiring. If it had have been a fitted or even slightly flowing maxi dress it would have been perfect. The shoes add some edge to it so that it’s not all girly. Anyway, it still makes it into my top favourites for today, enjoy! (I know I will)



My inspirational find this week is from MAC make up. They have some limited edition make up for Barbie. Now Barbie isn’t usually a style I would go for, but I just love the candy coloured pinks. This look I feel is very stepford wives, it looks perfect and flawless. I wouldn’t mind trying this look of the lips on myself with one of my more deep pink shades.

Barbie for MAC

So that’s my Friday Favourites for this week, over the weekend I’m hoping to test out the Barbie look. Although I’ll probably not go into as much detail as the photo. Enjoy your weekend girls!


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