It’s A Man’s World

The men’s ‘tux’ look is back in style for summer, however this time it’s back with a twist.. it’s the women wearing this look and certainly letting men know that we are the ones who are wearing the trousers! Think Nicole Kidman and Rihanna when creating this look, with their tall, thin frames they show us exactly how it’s done.

The Essentials:

Tailored Blazer:

For me, this is the most attractive item of clothing on any girl. A blazer makes a woman stand out and show everyone that she does not have to be walking around half naked, she is comfortable in her own skin, even when wearing an item that was originally designed for a man.

I have my own fitted blazer in black (and pretty much every colour, shape and fabric under the sun). I just love blazers, they are so comfortable and instantly make any style look chic. They go with everything and are great for work too!

Tailored Blazer

White Shirt:

An essential item in any girls wardrobe! Again this look is unbelievably attractive on women and it’s great as you can play around with it. Think of it like a blank canvas, have fun and experiment.

White Shirt


Waistcoat’s are great for this look, but for me I love them over a casual tee or tank shirt. It is a very relaxed look but can be dressed up when creating the tux look. I have one that has studds on the pockets to give a little rock ‘n’ roll look to it.

Studded Waistcoat

Tailored Harem Trousers:

These add the final touch to this look. When buying a pair, make sure they’re fitted and dont hang around the bottom area. Although its nice if they’re a little loose, the trick is finding the correct fit.

Harem Trousers

Now that your kitted out in the tuxedo look, add a killer clutch, heels and some red lips to vamp it up. Or if your wearing this during the day try wearing a pair of brogues. Have fun! 

On The Runway


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