What’s All The Fringe About?

Everywhere I’m looking all I see is fringe. On dresses, tops, bags, shoes and even necklaces. It’s everywhere! I have to admit though I’m not always a fan of it as I’ve seen people wear it in the worse way. I don’t mean to sound rude here but people wearing a cropped fringe top and showing off their stomach’s when they really shouldn’t. And even girl’s thinking that because they’re top is fringe, then so does their jewellery shoes and bag. It can be a little much but I found a few fringe items that I think are funky and not over the top. I’m going to upload a bag and dress that I have in fringe.

I am so over the top in love with this poncho! (even so I’ve just ordered one for myself) The colours in the detail are so beautiful, very autumn based and will look beautiful on come September or now as our winters seem to last all year round! This little number has managed to find the perfect balance for mixing different colours, fabric and designs together.

Fringe Poncho

You can afford to be a little more friend friendly with your bags as they are only an accessory and not a large item of clothing. I choose this bag as again the colour is perfect and personally I do prefer my fringe detail to be small.

Fringe Bag

This necklace is just magnificent! It is ultimate glamour, I’m so in love with it! I think shopping is on the cards!

Fringe Necklace
There is nothing more elegant than a fringe running down the front of your foot. I think it makes your legs appear longer.
Fringe Shoe
So that’s it from the fringe finds, I’ve uploaded my own fringe dress and bag. I love the dress as it reminds me of a 1920’s style dress. It’s amazing for dancing in! . Have fun!
My Dress
My Bag


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