Beauty Basics: Starry Eyed Surprise

One of the best tips I have ever learnt from any make-up books or tutorials is the art of making your eyes appear brighter and more youthful by applying a light color to the inner corners of the eyes. It brightens the face and as an added bonus, it widens and separates the eyes by creating the illusion that they are further apart.

To create this look you will need the following:

  • Thin make-up brush
  • Liquid Highlighter
  • Nude, White or Pale Pink eye shadow

Once you have applied the shadow for the main part of your eye, the next stage is creating the highlighter look. When applying it make sure it’s not too vibrant, you want to make sure it’s blends in with the rest of your make-up. You want it to be subtle, almost like a surprise that people will notice. The area that need’s to be highlighted is the ‘bend’ around the inner corner of your eye. It’s that simple to do and yet it does so much.

Bright Eyed

Have fun!


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