Style Spotlight: Alexa Chung

For me, this girl nails every single look she wears perfectly. Her quirky, geek chic style is rocking all over the world including Paris with Karl Lagerfeld! With a unique ability to stay ahead of the trends, she adds her own effortlessly chic twist to any outfit.

Alexa Chung

This look is a lot more lady like and elegant than her usual quirky style. However even still this works for her, I’m seriously in love with her shoes. It’s great when wearing a simple dress as you can have some serious fun with your shoes and accessories.

Alexa Chung

If someone had have shown me these items I would never have thought that these would go together but somehow they do, and in a really cool and funky way. This outfit shows you that sometimes it’s fun to work with very different styles and fabrics.

Alexa Chung

Again, she demonstrates that you don’t have to over-think an outfit. Keeping things elegant and simple often work best. Loving her necklaces!

Alexa Chung

I think it’s time for me to say “I saved the best for last”. This look is just beautiful. I love, love, love the bag! Her jacket and top compliment each other brilliantly. It’s just the perfect look. Perhaps ill try to recreate my own version of this look. ( Without the Chanel Bag grrrrr! )

Alexa Chung

Hope you enjoyed the post. Have Fun!


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