Beauty Basics: Brush SOS

One thing that I strongly dislike is when I see a girl wearing a smokey eye and the shadows lines are harsh, noticeable and not blended. Even my own friends have committed this crime, now I’m not saying that I’m perfect. Maybe it’s my art & design background, but my number one rule with any kind of artistic strokes in make up is… blend, blend blend!

It is so worth while investing in some make up brushes. It’s best not to buy cheap brands as the brushes are then too harsh for the delicate area’s on your eye’s and even skin. Plus there is the added bonus of your make up looking like a professional make up artist has done it for you. Therefore when you’re heading out, you will feel glamorous and confident. It’s a win-win situation!

There are around ten different make up brushes you can use but for me I stick to around six. Your concealer brush, eye lid brush, eyeliner brush, smudge brush, slanted brush (optional, but I use it for the eyeliner on my bottom lashes) and finally your thin small brush to create more details in your shadows.

Eye Make Up Brushes

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