Beauty Basics: Skincare Tips & Tricks

All women know that having clear, smooth and glowing skin is the number key factor in feeling amazing and confident. If you have these three ingredients then you will never have to fear going a day without make-up. I though I would post some tips and tricks I’ve picked up along my 23 years of life.

Identify Your Skin Type:

In order to select the correct skin care products, you need to know your skin type. There are various types, dry skin usually has an uneven skin tone and flakiness, while oily skin is more prone to visible pores, breakouts and areas of pigmentation.

Spoil Yourself:

As us ladies grow older, it’s extremely important to treat yourself to regular facials. We women work very hard in our everyday lives so we need to treat our skin to some R&R time. If your skin feels great, then you will too!

Pillow Pressure:

Burying your face in a pillow puts a large amount of pressure on your skin, therefore reducing circulation. Over time this will break down the collagen and cause lines and wrinkles in your skin. It’s best to sleep on a silk or satin to reduce the friction on facial skin.

Keep Drinking:

Water! Drinking at least six glasses a day will help your skin stay fully hydrated and younger looking. It will also clear up any breakouts you may have.

Fresh Faced Glow:

Mix a tiny blob of exfoliating cream with your nightly cleanser for a fabulous fresh face that looks smooth and glowing come morning.

These are just some tips and tricks I thought might come in handy. If you have your own treatments that you think work, let me know. Have fun!


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