Simple Undone Updo: Lauren Conrad

I have recently noticed that some traffic coming to my blog are through search engines, and searching for a particular style – Lauren Conrad’s ‘Updo’. This gave me an idea to actually tell you how you can create your own at home version of this. For me, this look is undone elegance at it’s best. It is such a beautiful style. When I had long hair this was the style I went for, for my university graduation. There are a few simple steps to follow:

  • You want texture in your hair for this look to hold and stay in place. Do this by adding some volumizing spray.  There is no need to curl your entire head, instead focus on the hair around your face and the top section of your hair.
  • Using the line from the top of your forehead to the base of your neck, use this as a guideline to divide your hair into three vertical sections.
  • Leaving the two side sections alone, gather the middle area of your hair into a low loose bun. This will be your main focus for pinning the rest of your hair into.
  • Start pinning the sides parts of your hair into the bun, in small sections each time.
  • Let any short layers around your face fall naturally.
  • Spray with hair spray to keep this style in place.

Hope this helps you all. Let me know how you’s get on. Hope you enjoyed it.


Lauren Conrad Updo
Lauren Conrad Updo

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