Style Spotlight: Erin Lucas

For all of you who don’t know this about me I secretly love watching The Hills/ The City. Not only for the drama (which is so totally fake) but mainly for the style. So when Whitney Port decided to make a series based her on new adventures in NYC I new I would become a fan for three reasons.

  1. Again the brilliant and very realistic drama
  2. It’s set in New York City (my favourite place in the world)
  3. The style.

Now, I’m going to use Whitney for a later style spotlight as I have fallen in love with Erin Lucas’s style. Her quirky, edgy anything can go style is perfect for any city girl. AND she is the daughter of AC/DC  bass guitarist, Cliff Williams. How cool! Anyway, back to the fashion. So Erin has been chosen for this week’s Style Spotlight, let’s get started! Hope you enjoy!


Erin Lucas
Erin Lucas




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