Friday Favourites

I’m writing this mornings Friday Favourites with a slight headache. I enjoyed some junk food, fine wine and Mrs Brown & her boys last night. I’ve never laughed as much in my life, even my dog Jakey was laughing! Anywho, who’s ready for the weekend?! I’m chillaxing for a change this weekend and have decided to become a stepford wive by cooking a rosemantic dinner followed by homemade cookies. (Yes homemade, but it’s ok as my mummy is a nurse and my family are all doctors. Any food poisoning will be treated quickly.) Hope you all enjoy this week’s Friday Favourites! Have a fabulous weekend!


Learn Something New:

September 2nd

 Quote of The Week:

When it comes to the future there are 3 kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen & those who wonder what happened. – John M. Richardson


For all of you who don’t already know this, Winter is my favourite time of year. Yes some people may call me a freak but here in Ireland we don’t get summers. A good day for us is 14c “heat” and “sun showers”. Result! Anyway, back to la fashion. How beautiful and chic are these three winter styles. This week, one style wasn’t enough so your christmas has come early with my three choices. I honestly wouldn’t be able to pick my favourite one. And as I say each and every week… I want these!

Winter Wonderful


Talk about amazing! This feels like an ‘America’s Next Top Model’ moment for me. All I need now is Nigel Barker (yuummmmyyy). Anywho, don’t need many words to describe this photo. It speaks for itself! 

Fashion Fhotography


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