Winter Wonderland: Coats & Capes

For me, the key item for Winter is the trusty coat. These days the traditional coat has been updated into a Cape. So I wanted to upload some of my favourites piece’s. Hopefully we’ll get a repeat winter like last year and have a snow storm! Although if any of you are like me, you’ll need these heavy coats as I am the type of person who shivers with a slight breeze so my winter wardrobe is extremely important to me. Yeah warm jumpers and trendy boots are stylish but a good warm coat is key! (Oh God, I sound like my mummy!)  Here are some of my favourite one’s I’ve found.

I wanted to re-use these styles I used in last week’s Friday Favourites. Now these are what I call winter coat’s and how amazingly stylish are they?!

Winter Styles

 One of the most stylish coats featuring in this years runways is the Cape. It’s so fabulous and chic, plus the amazing thing about them is that they don’t make you look like you’re wearing a tent! I prefer the longer styles as I hate my ass getting frost bite!


 I can’t wait to expand my winter wardrobe, now all I need is a few more hats, gloves and boots (especially in black, it’s the only colour I don’t have yet, yes I’m weird.) Anywho, have a good day and enjoy your Sunday Roasts. (I can’t help but think of Nicole Kidman’s baby when I say that.)


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