Style Spotlight: Sarah Jessica Parker

Ok, so this week’s style spotlight is the ultimate “Queen Of Style”. Her role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City has helped her to become one of the biggest style icons of all time. I love how she is daring and bold with her outfits. Especially when she is wearing Alexander Mc Queen, his clothes and accessories are worthy of Lady Gaga’s level of weirdness. She know’s what works on her and she gives 100% when wearing any outfit. If only we all had a wardrobe like Carrie Bradshaw. One day, one day! Here are some of my favourite styles.

I adore how bold and different this outfit is. It kind of reminds me of the dress that Emma Roberts wore at a Harry Potter film premier. It was the black lace and feathers dress. Oh and Blake Lively also wore the same one in red. It’s such an amazing look, no wonder all the celeb’s are working it on the red carpet.

Sarah Jessica Parker

 What a dress! Talk about stealing the show, or your own premier. I love everything about it from her wavy hair to her accessories. I love how it has lots of length to it and the colour is beautiful. Such a statement piece.

Sarah Jessica Parker

This outfit is stunning. If there is one trend I love it’s a classic long-sleeved dress paired with killer ankle boots. It’s effortless as the outfit is so in balance and makes a statement without having to over-load it with accessories.

Sarah Jessica Parker

 I love how she never really wears the same style over and over ( unlike Jennifer Aniston). Every single outfit has its own unique edge to it. Plus no matter what the occasion, you can bet she is wearing the most amazing heels!

Sarah Jessica Parker

 That’s this week’s style spotlight. Hope you enjoyed it. Have fun!



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