Hair SOS: 1930’s Past Prettiness

In recent times I’ve noticed that styles in both clothing and hair from decades gone by are making a huge comeback. Over the summer, the 60’s and 70’s made a statement with maxi dresses, flared jeans and wedges. Now coming into winter when we have to put on our heavy knit-wear and thick tights, we can let our hair do the talking.

One style I love in particular, is the beautiful and perfectly polished 1930’s wavy bob. In those days it was the daring Flapper and Great Gatsby girls that created this ever-lasting trend. Now celebrities young and mature are following it. It’s all about the texture with this look, so if your planning on wearing it for a night out. Experiment a few days in advance so you know how long it takes and the correct steps for creating it. Hope your all having a great week. Have fun!


Clara Bow

It all started with Ms Bow in the 1930’s and it’s still continuing on the red carpet today with the world’s top style icon’s.

1930's Wavy Bob

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