Jewellery: How To Layer

One thing I love doing with my jewellery is combining different styles and designs together and layering them. It can be done with necklaces, bracelets and rings. When doing this just be careful not to over-load and make it look tacky and too much.


Layering necklaces should be fun to do. Don’t over stress, it’s not meant to be matching, make it look effortless. I’ve only layered two, but you could add a third in the middle, half way between the two. I would make sure it’s a delicate chain as the longest one is bold and colourful. Let it make the statement. (If your wearing a statement necklace, don’t layer and downplay your earrings or wear none at all.)



This can be even more fun to do than the necklaces. Here you can mix delicate piece’s with some more bolder and unusual piece’s. I’ve opted for a black and burnt gold style with mine.  (Ignore my hairy arms!)



I think you need to be careful here. There’s not as much space so it’s one ring per finger but don’t place a ring on every finger. (Unless it’s a three piece ring set, the really thin and delicate ones.)  And try not to be the girl who has a diamond ring on her wedding finger when she’s not engaged.


Obviously everyone has their own style and “rules” when it comes to jewellery or how to layer it. But these are the guidelines and opinions of my style. Hope your all having a great weekend. Have fun!


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