Jewellery: Chandelier Earrings

The “Chandelier Earring” is the follow-up from the statement necklace and a huge trend this year. Celebrities such as; Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are notorious for sporting this style. I’m going to show you celebrities that I think have made them glamorous. One thing about this style is that there is a fine line between looking glamorous, and falling into the “tacky” bracket – case in point – Pat Butcher.

No stylish lady on this planet would ever want to fall into big Pat’s bracket. So let’s have a look at how it’s done – right!

Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian is the type of girl who knows exactly how to work huge earrings. These one’s she is wearing are from her own jewellery range. She downplay’s her outfit and hair allowing her earrings to stand out. This look screams elegant. Well done Kim!

Kim Kardashian


Now, I know the earrings she is wearing are a little big but that’s the purpose of them. Her hair and make up are minimal and she know’s when making a statement with your jewellery downplay your hair and make-up. It’s all about balancing, if you’re wearing big earrings, then don’t wear a necklace and keep everything else simple.


 Nicole Scherzinger:

I love Nicole’s as there is more movement and shape to her earrings. The gold is perfect with her skin-tone and outfit. They are not too big and definitely add glamour to her look.

Nicole Scherzinger

So that’s how to rock the Chandelier Earrings the right way! Have a good week. 



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