Style Spotlight: Camilla Belle

Morning! I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already. I have decided to break my Stepford rut and party on Saturday night (just hope the hurricane has passed by then, don’t want to flash my knickers when the wind blows my dress up!) Anywho, this week’s Style Spotlight is one of my favourites style icons. She may be young but she is by far one of the most beautiful and stylish ladies I have ever seen. If Vera Wang loves her, then, she’s good enough for me!

This girl really knows how to turn heads, make a statement and make an entrance! She is unbelievably stunning in this dress. It’s just so beautiful. I love how the red pops off her dark skin-tone. Flawless.

Camilla Belle

How pretty does she look here?! The colour and style of this dress is perfect. Personally, I find that the style of the neckline in her dress is a very hard style to pull-off. As she has kept her earrings, make-up and hair elegant and simple, she work’s this outfit perfectly. She is allowing the dress to do the talking. (How beautiful is she! Me jealous?!.. Never!)

Camilla Belle

Such a classic look, such a stunning dress. Would you look at the figure on her. I love how her hair has been styled to work with the dress. The pretty detailing on the dress add’s some glamor to it and again she has chosen a colour that pop’s with her skin-tone. Just stunning. (I love her eyebrows!)

Camilla Belle

One of the reasons I love Ms Belle’s style is due to her always changing it. She never really wear’s the same style over and over, she mix’s it up in her own individual way. The way this next dress is fitted to her body shape makes it gorgeous looking. I love the design on the cup part of her dress. It’s such a pretty dress.

Camilla Belle

Saving the best for last! I don’t have enough words for this, I’m speechless. I’ll let the picture do the talking.

Camilla Belle

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this week’s Style Spotlight. If you have any style icon’s you would like to see on one of my posts, let me know. Have a great day.


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