Beauty Basics: Movie Nail Art

Recently, a lot of my nail art has been using different colour’s and creating different designs. I’ve decided to take it to a new level and try something completely different and more advanced. I was inspired by various nail art designs I found online. I decided to created my version of “A Nightmare Before Christmas”.

Nightmare Before Christmas Nail Art

This is obviously my first time creating this design. It was a little tricky, I’m going to continue to experiment with it as the stick man is a little small. Once I let my nail grow a little longer, I can make him taller and therefore more clearer. But I’m happy with the final result. A great look for Halloween!

My Nightmare Before Christmas Nail Art

Apologies for the picture quality also, I haven’t got my proper camera at the minute. Hope you all like this! Have fun.


One thought on “Beauty Basics: Movie Nail Art

  1. I love Nightmare Before Christmas! And the nail idea is just amazing! The only thing is, is that I have no idea how to do it. So maybe you could show people how to do it by using steps. Because there has to be some sort of process to Nightmare Before Christmas nail scene. Thanks and a Merry Christmas to everyone who came on this website today! :}

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