Style Spotlight: Blake Lively

For all of you who don’t know this about me, among many of my obsessions, Gossip Girl is at the top of my list. In particular the leading ladies style – Blake Lively. With her long golden hair, flawless make-up and muse for most designers, I thought I would give her the honour of featuring in my Style Spotlight. Let’s get to it!

WOW! Now that is making a statement. I love the delicate details on the top of her dress and the dramatic finish on the skirt. It’s so pretty and girly. Perfect!

Blake Lively

This next dress is possibly one of the most amazing cocktail dresses I have ever seen. Ms Lively knows exactly how to work a mini dress like this one. The design and pattern on this dress is huge around the fashion world right now. Hat’s off to Blake!

Blake Lively

These have to be two of my favourite looks on her. You all know how much I adore feather/fluffy dresses. And this red one is no exception. It’s just beautiful. I love how relaxed her hair and make-up is, allowing the dress to stand out. With the white lace, it’s so short, pretty and playful. Teamed with the blazer it’s Gossip Girl worthy.

Blake Lively

 Hope you’ve all enjoyed this week’s Style Spotlight. Have fun!


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