Style Spotlight: Frankie Sandford

Named the most glamorous lady from girl band The Saturdays, I thought it was about time I introduced Ms Frankie Sandford into my Style Spotlight. In my opinion, she is one of the most stylish and glamorous woman in the UK. And it just so happens that I’m obsessed with the band anyway. I love her young, fresh and elegant approach to fashion. So let’s get started.

This is such a pretty look for her. She is usually extremely glamorous but I love how she has opted for a more girly look, paired with the demin jacket and ankle boots it’s the perfect smart casual look.

Frankie Sandford

Military jackets paired with very short shorts is the perfect combination. With the plain white tee thrown in it compliments her look brilliantly. I love how she has added a colourful clutch for a pop effect.

Frankie Sandford

 Talk about standing out. Everything about this look, from her make-up to her colour popping blouse is top of the class. The white blazer against the coral blouse is just stunning. P.s I LOVE her shoes.

Frankie Sandford

I am heel over heels in love with her jacket. How amazing is it?! I love the fit of it, there is nothing more stunning than a good tailored jacket paired with jeans, a plain tee and some fitted skinnies. Well done Ms Sandford, well done!

Frankie Sandford

Hope you all liked this weeks Style Spotlight. Apologies for not being able to post my Friday Favourites last week but fear not this weeks will be worth it. Have fun!


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