Help Needed: Handbag SOS

I’ve decided to invest in another cross-over handbag. I need one that holds basically my life and all of my accessories and sometimes my shoes within it. I’ve spotted a few that I love however they come in different colours and I hate to admit it but there is times in my stylish life when I just cannot decide. So, you’re all going to have to help me out with this one. Opinions needed!

The reason why I love this first bag so much is the beautiful green colour. It’s perfect for adding some colour into these grey miserable winter days. Although the only problem is that it won’t go with everything unlike the black ones I’m about to show you.

Green Cross Over

I’ve picked out two black ones for the obvious reason that they go with just about anything in a girl’s wardrobe. The reason why I’m showing these two is because I can’t decide on what style and design I prefer.

Black Cross Over

 I think I’m leaning more towards this next black bag. I love how it has more details on it, with the zips. It gives a bit more edge to it. Plus I love how it’s bigger – always go for the bigger the better. That’s my motto!

Black Tote

Ok, so that’s it. I think I’m aiming for the green and black tote bags. If I could buy both of them I would but unfortunately there is a recession on! Anywho, let me know what you all think! Thanks.




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