Winter Wardrobe: Black Biker Boots

I have finally found the perfect black biker boots ever. I’m quite fussy and particular when it comes to shopping for boots. Most boots don’t find my skinny, drip like legs so I was over the moon when I tried these bad boys on. The material inside the boot is amazing, they’re keeping my tootsies so warm and cosy and I really love the length on the boot. Usually I go for knee length but I though I’d spice things up and go for a shorter style.  Plus they have a brilliant thick sole on them so no water will leak into them. Happy days! Hope you all like them. Have a great weekend.


New Black Biker Boots


One thought on “Winter Wardrobe: Black Biker Boots

  1. just like to say, I love your blog! I especially ejonyed your posts about your visit to London, it was really great to have a new perspective on the amazing city that I live in :-). Keep up the good work! xx

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