Style Spotlight: Rihanna

This week I am looking at the style of one girl who is pretty much ruling the world. She is best friends with Katy Perry, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kanye West. She has one of the most daring and controversial outlook on fashion. So, let’s begin.

How amazing, bold and vibrant is this blazer. It’s perfect paired with the black as it let’s the blazer stand out. Definitely a good girl gone bad. (Pardon the pun!)

Rihanna Yellow Blazer

Going for a more casual look, you can see that she doesn’t always have to be dressed up. Wearing cute shorts and a fitted blazer says smart casual in an effortless way.

Rihanna Shorts and Blazer

I think this first outfit is one of her most daring to date and has to be one of my favourite. Very few girls can pull off an extreme and bold version of the tux especially with her boyish hairstyle.

Rihanna Tux

Going from one extreme hair colour and style to the next, I love how Rihanna tries all styles from edgy to ladylike. These next two dresses are stunning. I want her curly red hair, it’s so beautiful.

Rihanna Gown Dresses

 Hope you’ve all enjoyed this week’s Style Spotlight. Have a great week!


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