Style Spotlight: Rochelle Wiseman

If you’re a daily viewer of my blog, you can slowly but surely see a pattern emerging in the form of  The Saturdays. I have to admit, I do love their catchy music, (perfect for party time), and in recent year’s their style has improved too. They have individually worked out their own unique style’s that are right for them. This week, I have chosen Rochelle for my Style Spotlight. So let’s get going.

Rochelle really knows how to work the colour blocking trend in this white bandeau dress paired with a stunning over-sized orange clutch and turquoise feathered statement necklace. Perfect.

Rochelle Wiseman

This next look has to be my all time favourite. The colour, shape and style is stunning. It shows of her figure in such a beautiful way. Nice work with the accessories too Ms Wiseman!

Rochelle Wiseman

The colour’s in this next outfit compliment her skin tone perfectly. It is an effortless and chic look. I just love the pattern of her shorts.

Rochelle Wiseman

I just love, love, love the colour purple! And this unique looking little number is fabulous for making an entrance. Stunning!

Rochelle Wiseman

 This is such a cute outfit. I love the high-waisted trouser look and the statement belt add’s the perfect finishing touch to it.

Rochelle Wiseman

This is such a simple and classic look to achieve. For me, I think it can be more refreshing than the glammed up look. It’s such a natural and elegant style. Love it!

Rochelle Wiseman

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s Style Spotlight. Did you all have a scary Halloween?! Enjoy the rest of your week.


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