Beauty Basics: Eyebrows

Large eyebrows are huge now a days. Everywhere you look, women around the world are embracing the fluffy eyebrows they were born with. Celebrities like Lauren Conrad and the beautiful Camellia Belle are embracing their large and beautifully crafted eyebrows. If your like me and at sixteen went nuts with eyebrow tweezers then do not fear, the solution is here! (Love the rhyming!) 

  • Start by combing your brows into shape and if need be, trim any excess hairs that make them look untidy.
  • Fill them in with a brow pencil or shadow in the exact same shade as your own brow color, using the technique of drawing dozens of individual hairs with quick little flicks of your wrist.
  • Use your natural hair growth direction as a guideline in order to make them look natural.
  • Spend a little time focusing on the arch area as this can help define your face and features, then finish by stroking it to the end of your brow.
  • Finally, apply some eyebrow wax to help keep them in shape.
Camilla Belle

Hope this helps all you girls! Have fun!


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