Sweet Sherbets

If you’re a red-blooded fashion fanatic like myself, then I’m sure you’ve all been reading this months fashion magazines. One trend featuring heavily throughout them all is the sweet style of pretty sherbet colours. They’re sure to brighten up any Winter wardrobe and put that flush back in your cheeks.

I wanted to start with this adorable purple sherbet heart tee. It seems that Spring has come early this year as this trend is debuting in January, and ladies, I’m not complaining. I’m so in love with this pretty little number that I’ve gone and bought it!

Purple Sherbet Heart Tee

For me, one of the most important item in a girl’s life is her shoes! These stunning green sherbet beauties are perfect. This colour goes with a variety of styles and colours so you’ll not be stuck for choices. Plus the chunky heel adds some stability and comfort into your night.

Green Sherbet Shoes

Up next, my most favourite item of 2012 so far! The pretty pink colour is just perfect. Plus any jean in the form of the skinny style is a winner in my book. (Again, I’ve went out and purchased these too!)

Pink Sherbet Jeans

Lastly, we have this cute blue dress. The strapless style add’s lot’s of glamor and the beautiful flowing chiffon material makes it stylish and comfortable, particularly after all those turkey dinners at Christmas. This fun and flirty dress would be perfect for any occasion.

Blue Sherbet Dress

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this post. Everyone needs to get out there and update your Winter look. Have fun!


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