Sophisticated Sequins

I was at a beautiful wedding yesterday. It was perfect. The bride wore a vintage styled dress with a stunning embellished jacket and net head-piece. The bridemaids wore a one shoulder satin gown, they were a beautiful dark cherry red with feather piece’s in their hair. It was such a stylish wedding.

I decided to wear my gold embellished sequined dress, along with a gold/bronze smokey eye. I loved it and the added every girls dream bonus was how comfortable my outfit and shoes were. Amazing.

Gold Embellished Dress

A few years back, I was bought a beautiful Italian Cashmere coat. For years, I was afraid to wear it as it was cream and me being the clumsy person that I am, is dangerous with it. But finally, yesterday I built up the courage and took it from my closet to go with my very pretty gold dress. It looked perfect with the it. I decided to wear my pink, nude and gold large clutch bag. I felt like the ultimate glamor girl.

Dress & Coat

I had such a great day and nothing makes it better than when your feeling fabulous and confident within yourself and what you’re wearing. (Apologies for the cheesy message but it’s true!) Have fun!


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