Picture Perfect

On Sunday I was pampered by the fabulous Nuala Campbell and her team of make up artists, hair stylist and photographer. It truly was a girls dream come true. Nuala is a freelance make-up artist and runs a weekly ‘Picture Perfect’ class.

In the class, you’re treated to a natural and glamorous make up photo shoot. Hair is done by renowned Stylist Gillian Douglas-Rea to match your look. Female photographer Dayle Fullerton, guides you through each shot and helps you create that ‘Picture Perfect’ photograph. 

Nuala Campbell Make Up

One thing I loved about getting my make up done by Nuala was how flawless it looked. I find it hard to get the perfect coverage, but as you can see in the images, my skin looks like it’s glowing.

Nuala Campbell Make Up

For the ‘Dramatic Look’, I opted for a brown smokey eye. I loved how it turned out, it was stunning. Plus my eyebrows were emphasised which I loved as bold eyebrows are huge right now.

Nuala Campbell Make Up

I’m waiting on the final images coming through. I would definitely recommend the class, it helps build your confidence and it’s always nice to be pampered! You can find more information about Nuala’s fabulous classes by clicking on the link: http://www.nualacampbell.co.uk/

Go on ladies, treat yourselves. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!


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