Style Spotlight: Ferne Cotton

Ferne Cotton has to be one of the coolest and best dressed ladies around. I love how she mixes high street with vintage and pulls it off perfectly. She was one of the first girls to start the ‘mismatch’ trend. I collected some of her outfits that are five start in my stylish book.

I love the cuteness of this dress. The pink colour compliments her skin tone wonderfully. The ruffle chiffon sleeves and print help create a little more drama to the look. With her natural wavy hair and make up, this look would be perfect for a night on the town.

Ferne Cotton

This is actually my favourite outfit Ms Cotton has ever worn! You know I’m all a huge fan of the female suit. I love the over-sized blazer paired with the leather trousers. I like how she has opted for strappy sandals to inject some female power into the look. The Dicky bow is perfect, it’s very hard look to pull off but once again, she is breaking all of the style rules.

Ferne Cotton

This next look would be perfect for day-time or even dressed up for a night out. I love the colour purple, it’s one of my favourites. Paired with a black bag and you’re onto a very stylish winner. Her cute little accessories make it her own. You could wear this in the winter if you’re brave enough, if not put some tights on with very high chunky heels.

Ferne Cotton

Ferne Cotton and Festivals bring the perfect look together. She is the queen of Festivals. I chose this one because her bold print dress, leather jacket and pattern tights add a little glamor to the usual mud fest shorts and tee style. Given the fact that she’s hanging VIP backstage, she still displays her inner rock chick amazingly.

Ferne Cotton

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the post. Please feel free to give some of your own style icon suggestions! Have fun!


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