Friday Favourites

I have found some beautiful images for this week’s favourites. Hope you all got some stylish plans made for this weekend. January is finally coming to an end so it’s time to celebrate with some cocktails!

Learn Something New:

Jan 27th

Quote of The Week: 

“Style is what gives value and currency to thoughts.” – Arthur Schopenhauer


This dress reminds me a lot of  Cruella Deville’s hair. This is the reason why I picked it for this week’s fashion image. Disney meets 2012’s fashion runway. How the colour’s blend perfectly alongside each other is stunning. It’s such a unique dress and I love the belt is hugging it around the waist as sometimes ruffles can appear unflattering on a girls figure.

Ruffle Dress

Fashion Photography: 

This pretty image describes fashion beautifully.” All Eyes On Fashion.” The simplicity of the image with the city background displays visually how fashion fits in no matter what the pace. Stunning.

All Eyes On Fashion

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I’m heading on a huge night out tomorrow. I’ll hopefully upload an image of what I’m wearing tomorrow before I head out or Sunday. Have fun!



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