Style Spotlight: Kate Moss

One of my favourite style icons of all time is Kate Moss. I adore how she delivers rock n roll in a cool and classy manner. Her style is forever looking effortless and chic. With her smokey hair, tousled hair and fabulous style, it’s no wonder she has her own unique clothing line for Topshop.

I love this futuristic look. The sharp shoulder look is to die for. I’ve always wanted a long sleeve dress like this one. It just goes to show that you don’t need to flash the flesh to feel good in your own skin.

Kate Moss

Every girl needs some sparkle in their life and that includes the rock ‘n’ roll girls. You all know how much I love some sparkle in my life and that comes in the form of embellishment. This is such an elegant look, her smokey eye make-up makes the entire look pop. 

Kate Moss

Biker jackets are one of my many weaknesses. Paired with some washed out jeans and black biker boots it screams cool and casual. One thing I love about Kate Moss is how good she looks without make up. I really want this jacket!

Kate Moss

Ah, the classic little black dress. Every girl’s secret weapon. Adding a twist to it by wearing a one shoulder design. This short mini would be perfect for a refreshing cocktail hour.

Kate Moss

I personally think that Leopard Print is a hard style to pull off. Here is an example of how not trying too hard makes it work. When girls are running around with their leopard print short and skin-tight dresses with shoes and bags to match, it just makes it look tacky. This is how it’s done in a classy and elegant way.

Kate Moss

Hope you liked the post. Who’s counting down the days to the weekend?! I’m really looking forward to doing absolutely nothing. Actually, I’m hoping to try and bake a Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cheesecake. If it’s successful I’ll upload an image. Wish me luck!



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