Weird or Wonderful?

Every person who knows me, knows that the one addiction in my life is shoes. It’s frightening the amount of shoes I have, which includes Manolo Blahniks. I would spend any amount on shoes (some may call me crazy, ah well) because they make me uncontrollably happy.

But when I saw Jeffrey Campbell’s range for Office I was a little sceptical. I understand that we move with the times when it comes to fashion but heel-less shoes don’t do it for me. It just seems unnatural and dangerous (I sound like my mummy).

Jeffrey Campbell Str8 Up Shoe

I’m a classic girl at heart and believe the beauty of shoes is the classic heel. We can have fun with the heel height, design, width etc. Why take that away from us?! Now, I know there a some girls out there who love the idea behind these styles (some of my friends included), but I think I will vote for the heel over and over again.

Jeffrey Campbell Benched Shoe

I would love to know what you ladies think! Is it the way forward? I look forward to hearing from you all. Have fun!


One thought on “Weird or Wonderful?

  1. I love the . . . .Jeffrey Campbell Benched Shoe!! I agree with ya girl . . . heel-less shoes don’t do it for me either!x

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