Cream of the Crop

As you have all seen from my ‘Best of 2011’ post, I am a huge fan of Garnier B.B Miracle Skin Perfector. I wear it everyday but I find it adds more shine to my skin. After reading Katrina Dorans article in today’s Irish News about the best B.B creams on the market, I am now torn in two and would appreciate some feedback.

MAC’s Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm was voted best out of all the creams. If any of you ladies have skin like me, oily ‘T’ zone with sensitive skin then I’m looking for comments. I know I can easily go to the MAC counter but I’m afraid of being told it works then finding it doesn’t. (It’s all about the money sometimes!)


So girls, I would really appreciate some advice. Hope you all had a great weekend! Have fun!


4 thoughts on “Cream of the Crop

  1. Hey petal!! Most BB creams will add shine as they contain mica which is highly reflective to give a luminous finish. Haven’t come across any yet that does’t have that finish but if I do I’ll let you know! If it’s the shine you don’t like about the Garnier one then you won’t like the MAC one as it’s even more luminous in its finish – although I wear mine underneath Smashbox foundation which balances things out. You could also wear a little light dusting of translucent powder over the top to matt things down a little?

    1. Hi!

      Even when I wear ‘matte’ products my oily zones still shine up so I’ve pretty much accepted defeat. I’m going to get a sample of the MAC and try it anyway. I don’t like wearing foundation so tinted moisturizer is the only option for me. However when wearing it I put powder over it and it does tone down the shiny areas a little which is good. Don’t think I’ll ever find the perfect product!:( Thanks for your feedback! Nx

    1. No I haven’t tried mineral products yet, I really should as they seem ideal for my skin type. I don’t like wearing foundation so mineral sounds like the right choice. Must have a look a her range. Where do you get it? Thanks! x

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