Style Spotlight: Emma Stone

She is one of the coolest and most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. And she’s the same age as me! (What the hell?!) Yes ladies, Emma Stone is a stunning and extremely wealthy actress who is the same age as me. Dam it!

So, for this reason and her stunning style, she is the chosen one for this week’s Style Spotlight. I first grew to love Ms Stone when I saw her in ‘House Bunny’. Her quirky and geek sheek attitude won me over. (Who doesn’t love a geek?)

Starting with a bang! How unbelievably smoking hot does she look here?! I love the smokey eye paired with a short and sexy leather dress. What I like most about this look is how all her accessories and shoes are black. She certainly shows us how to wear the LBD.

Emma Stone

This is my favourite look. I’m seriously in love with this dress. The detailing on the neckline is perfect for girls with small chests. The ruffles on the bottom adds some movement into the dress with the belt clinching her waist. With a halter dress you need to keep your hair up for some balance. Her make-up is perfect, she loves a smokey eye.

Emma Stone

One thing about Emma’s look is even though she has this ‘Girl Next Door’ persona going on, she always gives off an edgier vibe with her style. And this next look is no exception. The colour is to die for. It works perfectly with her skin-tone and hair colour. All of you know, anything chiffon and I’m hooked. It screams elegant, paired with crystals, its Hollywood glamour at it’s best!

Emma Stone

One of my favourite styles on myself and anyone else is the smart casual look that consists of high heels, jeans and a tailored blazer. The strip tee under the blazer reminds of Paris. This look is very Paris. Effortless.

Emma Stone


Hope you’ve all enjoyed this week’s Style Spotlight. If any of you want to see some of your favourite style icons in my posts, let me know. Have fun!


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