Nor-Lisa SS12 Collection

I was so excited when my new and amazing friend Nuala Campbell asked me if I would like to come along and hang out behind the scenes of a photo shoot she was working on. For those who don’t know Nuala, she is a fabulous make-up artist, lover of Facebook and has a dog with the personality of Courtney Love.

The photo shoot was that of Enniskillen born designer Lisa Mc Cabe, known as Nor-Lisa. Lisa specialises in printed textiles for the world of fashion. The unique quality of Lisa and her designs is that no two of her creations are the same. Everything is a one of a kind piece and you’re guaranteed no one else will be wearing the same garment as you. (Every girl’s dream!)

Lisa was shooting her Spring/Summer collection which consisted of stunning silk scarves. The vibrant colours and bold prints mixed with neon wigs and beautiful models in bikini’s will be a big seller this coming season.

Nor-Lisa SS12

It was great hanging out on this photo shoot as it was such an unusual style. Think Katy Perry meets Nicki Minaj. It was so cool and a breath of fresh air.

Nor-Lisa SS12

The unique and funky prints on the scarves were beautiful. From flowers to planes, there was a wide variety of designs to choose from. The hard part was picking my favourite. There was no way I was able to pick just one!

Nor-Lisa SS12

I’m so grateful to Nuala and Lisa for letting me come along. It was an awesome day and the images, models and designs look fabulous! For more information on Lisa, visit:


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