Ellie & Friends

Last night I was out on the town for my friend’s birthday. We went to a great little bar in the city center called Mc Hugh’s. As the sun has been shining the past few day’s, I wanted to wear something bold and vibrant to celebrate the occasion. And of course, my new friend Ellie the Elephant came along for some drinks and dancing.

A few week’s ago, I posted an image of me wearing a turquoise blazer. As it’s my new favourite item in my wardrobe, I paired it with my faithful leathers and a pretty chiffon top I got from New Look. The top was bright and beautiful and cheerfully cheap.

New Look Top

I kept my accessories to a minimum with only a watch and Ellie. I loved this outfit, it was so comfortable yet I still wore my 6 inch heels (you can never take these away from me).

Outfit & Ellie

Needless to say, after much drinking and dancing, I have woke up hangover free. The sun is shining and I’m feeling a beer garden day coming on. Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine! Have fun!


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