Style Spotlight: Kate Beckinsale

She had me at Pearl Harbour. The stunning Kate Beckinsale is this week’s (and extremely belated) Style Spotlight. I’ve always been a huge fan of the actress but not only for her acting. Her style is timeless, elegant and perfect.

How utterly fabulous is Ms Beckinsale in this jumpsuit?! Is it just me or does she look like Jennifer Lopez in this pose? My two favourite piece’s about this jumpsuit (apart from the obvious stunning pink colour) is the one shoulder design and the skinny trouser. Sometimes I feel wide leg jumpsuits from the 70’s belong in that decade and can look awful in today’s style. Also, Kate usually opts for neutrals or black so it’s great to see her go for something bold and bright.

Kate Beckinsale

Hollywood glamour at its best. I am head over heel’s in love with this dress, particularly the length, it’s stunning and makes her legs look fabulous. The large Louboutin platforms add even more height to her frame as the hem does run quite far down her legs. It’s seriously stunning.

Kate Beckinsale

One trend I adore is bold tribal prints. When I saw this dress, my heart skipped a beat. It is magnificent. Now it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s a winner in my book. The figure hugging style compliments every inch of her body and screams goddess.

Kate Beckinsale

This next look is huge at the minute. The sexy satin and Grecian look is the perfect combination for summer. This saucy mini will show your tanned legs and make you feel confident from head to toe. I love how the black has been added into the cream to make it pop. Again, we are starting to see just how much Kate loves the one shoulder look. (And with that perfect bone structure, can you blame her?!)

Kate Beckinsale

It has been a while since I have been able to post a Style Spotlight, but I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this one. For me, it’s one of my top Spotlight’s to date. Hope you’re all enjoying the amazing weather.


4 thoughts on “Style Spotlight: Kate Beckinsale

  1. Her bod is amazing. Not a lover of jumpsuits, but she totes pulls that pink yoke off.And i know the dress she wore to the Oscar/Vanity Fair party got some stick, but I loved it!

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