Jake The Snake

I have had a few emails asking why I haven’t been blogging much and the reason is that my amazing little doggy Jake hasn’t been well. He’s 12 years old and actually my best friend (sorry Malachy).


He collapsed twice last week and couldn’t breathe. When we took him to a vet they said that it was a tumour and more than likely we would have to put him to sleep. I was honestly broken-hearted.

Thankfully, we were told about a local veterinary clinic. So we went to them and they said that it was his heart and he was in great shape for his age and would not have to be put to sleep. (Yayyyyyyyyy!)

He’s on medication and doing great. His spirits have been lifted and he is happy relaxing and being spoilt rotten!

Jake Rocking His Grey Beard

So, hope that answers your questions. Thanks to all the supportive messages I’ve received, I really appreciate it.

Niamh & Jake x

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