Niamh Loves Kurt

Shoes, shoes, glorious shoes. Oh how I love them. Especially when they are designed by the fabulous Kurt Geiger. His shoes are every girls dream. From gorgeous gladiators to powerful platforms, the choice is endless. Each design is original and one of a kind.

I’m attending a wedding in May and I recently bought myself a stunning lemon dress with a delicate coral flower attached to it. Instead of opting for coral shoes, I wanted to include a bold and beautiful colour into the mix.

Kurt Geiger

I tested out a few colours but when I paired these turquoise shoes with it, I knew I had found ‘The One’. The suede material is so soft, which is good as we all know when it comes to wedding shoes, you’re wearing them for around 12 hours or more throughout the day.

Kurt Geiger

One thing I love about these shoes is the platform on the front. It has two shades of turquoise which adds a little creativity to them. The bag you see in the picture is the one I’m using at the wedding. So you can see how well they go together.

I’ll upload a picture of my outfit on the day so you all can see how it looked with the dress. Hope you’re all looking forward to your sunday dinners. I know I am! (They’re the perfect hangover cure!)


4 thoughts on “Niamh Loves Kurt

  1. Hi Niamh,

    Lovely pairing I recently bought a mint greeny/aqua kind of dress paired it with coral colour clashes perfectly love these bluey/pinky shades together they make a real statement can’t wait to see what happens when you add lemon to the mix

    Roisin x

    1. Thanks Roisin! Wedding is 19th so I’ll upload a picture of the entire outfit then. Those shades are beautiful together, I love how soft and girly they look. Nx

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