Like A Virgin

I am no longer a Converse virgin. Today I treated myself to my very first pair. I seemed to be the only girl I know who didn’t have these “You’re only cool if you have them” sneakers (American moment). I didn’t take this decision lightly as there are so many styles and colours to pick from. After some serious thinking, I finally made my decision. White. Classic. Cool.

The reason I chose this style is due to the cute and easy to wear silhouette. They’re perfect for summer as the shoes doesn’t go the entire way up your ankle which still allows me to do some feet flirting. As for the colour, white goes perfectly with any clothing. They’re cool, my feet are happy and I’m feeling special!

Thank God tomorrow is Friday. What a hell of a week it has been! (Venting over). Anywho, bring on the weekend! I have a hen party on Saturday so messy, messy times ahead! Woohoo!


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