I Heart New York

For all of you who know me, follow my blog or just want to be nosey. Know just how much I love New York. Since I was a very small girl, I have always dreamed of it. Between visiting the city and watching movies, my love has grown. So I was delighted when I came across a stylish and witty book called ‘I Heart New York’ by a fabulous author called Lindsey Kelk.

A little info on Ms Kelk. She is a writer (obviously), a columnist for Marie Claire UK, beauty blogger, editor of little people’s books, she sometimes interviews people, likes yoga and an unhealthy amount of WWE. Oh and she lives is the fabulous NYC! Ta-da.

Ok so quick sum up. Book is called I Heart New York. It’s based in New York. Angela Clarke is the coolest wedding destroyer/hand breaker around. She runs away to New York. She shacks up in a hotel room. Meets hotel worker Jenny. Quickly becomes BF’s. Falls in love with the city and two sexy guys. One is a wall street banker (mmm yes please!) another is a cool guy in a band. (yes please x2!) Starts writing a blog about them. Things become complicated…

Oh exciting! Cue the cliff hanger. Go read the book!

When you’ve finished reading it, skip on over to her ‘I Heart’ collection. They’re amazing! http://www.iheartnewyork.co.uk/books

Hope you’re all enjoying your traditional Sunday hangovers. ( I know I am!) I’m spending mine being smart by reading.


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