Colourful & Cute

On Sunday I nipped over to Boucher Road for some much needed retail therapy. It was in River Island that I stumbled upon this magnificent orange cross over bag. I usually opt for clutch bags on a night out but every now and then a girl will get tired of carrying it around.

This bag is perfect as it is big enough to carry all of my essentials required on a night out. The bold and vibrant colour is on trend with this season and I am able to free up my hand for that extra drink. (Smart thinking!)

This amazing number goes with everything and it can be used for during the day. It was at the bargain price of £25 and is well worth it.River Island has some amazing finds in store at the minute. Definitely worth looking around.

Hope the hangovers are beginning to fade. Wish mine was! Have fun.


2 thoughts on “Colourful & Cute

    1. Thank you! Hope you’re having a good week! Friday was amazing, and I will try and get a picture uploaded! (Didn’t get a chance to on Sunday) Nx

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