Perfect Primark

It has been a while since I have ventured into the world of Primark. Every time I walk past the place it is busting to the rims with far too many people. (I have space issues!) As the rain poured down on a very miserable Thursday evening, I knew it would be the perfect time to tackle my fear as no sane person would risk the rain.

I have to say, I am so happy I went. The latest Spring/Summer collections are stunning. The seas of bold and vibrant colours were a joy to witness. I spent quite a few hours browsing around at my own pace and taking and trying everything on.

One item I bought is possibly the prettiest dress I have ever seen. I know what colours work with my skin tone, bold and bright. And of course it was a beautiful chiffon number. The base colour is a vibrant yellow with flowers throughout the dress. From turquoises to pinks, no colour has been left out.

There is also a purple skinny belt with it to nip you in at the waist and give you more of a shape. It’s sweet and short and perfect for summer nights on the town. The best part of the evening was the price. This beautiful bargain was only £13.

I also bought a few other things but I’m saving these for my other posts. Hope you all have had an amazing weekend. Have fun!


6 thoughts on “Perfect Primark

  1. Hi Niamh

    I stumbled upon your blog while googling this primark dress. I bought it as well and absolutley love it! I am going to wear it to a wedding in August but am having trouble deciding what colour of jacket/wrap to get to go with it. I am going to wear purple heels that are the same shade as the belt but think a purple jacket/wrap would be overkill. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Michelle,

      It is a great dress! I wouldn’t wear it with a purple blazer as it would be too ‘match matchy’. As it is such a vibrant dress you could introduce a new colour into it to help it pop and stand out. With mine, I wore a casual turquoise boyfriend blazer. For you I would try and find a more formal turquoise blazer. If you check out my post from a wedding I recently attended, you can see a waterfall turquoise blazer I wore that helped turn my outfit into a more formal occassion.

      Hope this helps! Thank you for your comment.

  2. Hey!
    i bought this too on sale for a Fiver! but i want to wear with leggings don’t show my legs,
    Which ones would you say go with this?
    p.s i have a not dark dark but light brown skin colour hehe
    Thanks xx

    1. Hi Aneesa,

      Thank’s for your comment! I would opt for black as it really makes the colours of the dress pop. It’s totally up to you though. Team it with some fabulous accessories. Hope this helps!


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