Disney + Poppy = FABB

Last night I attended a talk with the FABBulous Poppy Dinsey. She is the founder of What I Wore Today and a very successful entrepreneur. She spoke to us about ‘Creating Your Dream Job’. From the talk I learnt three very important things about her.

  1. She works very hard.
  2. She loves quotes by Walt Disney.
  3. She’s a really nice girl.

It was a great night as I got to meet the rest of the FABB girls. It’s nice to put a face to the names and Twitter/Facebook pictures. We chatted like typical girls, talking blogs and fashion.

It was an interesting talk as we all know we have to work hard and sacrifice, but I found it particularly useful when she spoke about worth. What we as freelance journalists are worth. There are some people within the media world that would take advantage of people like myself who are just starting out. After last night’s talk and of course help from my FABB mama bear, Katrina, I have a good idea for what I am worth!

I got the opportunity to talk to Poppy after the event and I have to say she is such a lovely girl. I love how genuine and honest she is. I could tell from talking to her just how hard she has worked. I respected every piece of information she gave me. I even managed to get a photo with her. (I sound like a stalker, but I’m really not!)

I wore my pretty new Primark dress paired with my French Connection turquoise blazer and tights. (It was pouring down with rain, dam you Belfast!)

Hope you’re all having a great week! I’m getting something new done with my hair, so I’ll post a picture of it when it’s done.


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