Floral & Lace

Every so often there comes a time in your life when that special outfit just melts your heart and you remember why you live for fashion. And this outfit did just that to me. Now that summer has arrived (well that’s what the calendar says, not so much the weather). It’s time to top up the tan, ditch the tights, and bring my pins back from storage.

After browsing the River Island website, I came across this unbelievably stunning floral lace sequin skirt and fell in love with it immediately. I love it when you find clothes that are unique and one of a kind. Just like this skirt.

It’s such a comfortable skirt to wear. It is a little short but hey, it’s summer and I want to have fun. (Don’t worry, it’s not hooker short!) I obviously needed to find a top to go with it, so I went to my trusty A|Wear and found the perfect hot pink cami. It really pops against the skirt, and it’s on key for summer’s hot trends.

I just need to find the ultimate statement shoe to go with it. I can’t wait to wear this outfit. I’m thinking Saturday night on the town with the girl’s and cocktails is the perfect time.

Hope all you ladies are having a great weekend! How crazy was that wind yesterday?!


6 thoughts on “Floral & Lace

  1. super cute – watch out for random sequin droppage! I had one very similar to this and it drove me nuts! HOWEVER, it’s so super cute I pushed on through and wore it A LOT!

    1. Thanks! I know, I love anything that invloves sequins/embellishment so I’ve trained myself on how and where to wear it. I’ll never have it off me! Nx

  2. Hiya, I found your blog off another blogs Fabb NI list haha. It’s nice to find other Northern Irish bloggers out there 🙂 I really really love your necklace. Hope you don’t mind me following. Thanks. 🙂

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