My New ‘Do’

How amazing is that weather?! Definitely a day for a road trip. I just wanted to create a short ‘n’ sweet post about my new hair. (Not that I’m vain for anything!) I haven’t had the chance to properly add a picture of it due to the wedding.

I got my dip dye done on Thursday and I absolutely love it. I wanted a chocolate-brown base for my all over colour. Originally, I wasn’t really sure what colour to get for the dip dye but after a consultation with my hairdresser, we decided on this stunning warm copper colour.

I also got a cut, which was badly needed. I’m thinking of adding more copper into it next time. It’s the start of something new now, every girl needs a change every once in a while.

Hope you all like it. Would love some feedback about it, all thoughts on it are welcome! Have a great day in the sun!


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